Global High Schools is a network of Danish high schools committed to education and character development in a global perspective, as we believe globalisation to be a basic premise for our students.

Because of this global issues are an integral part of the schools’ discussions of academic standards, competences and character development with the aim of sending out students into the world as Danish global citizens. Globalisation reflects how the world has become increasingly interwoven. People, labour, money, goods, information etc. are crossing borders at an increasing pace. The world is changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The solutions to transnational crises – be they of a financial, climatic or demographic nature – lie outside the capabilities of nation states and call for international action.

Global High Schools views educating our students for this world and empowering them to act as democratic, global citizens as its responsibility. This involves the acquisition of global competences taking as a starting point the students’ own culture, history and reality and meeting the other, the views of a greater world, which can challenge our students to reflect on their own basic conceptions.

The goal is to bring about an openness to alternative worldviews, to strengthen the ability to handle ambivalences and to encourage a capable and courageous attitude towards life. The ideal is a development of character, a particular human capacity for acting with others and creating a sense of community.

Read the full vision and how the network is organised here

Global High Schools wants to be a network of schools strategically committed to educating students in becoming global citizens and wishes to further this by cooperating with the other schools of the network.

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